Odum's winery and our organic vineyards were born as an idea, after more than 30 years of cultivating our own vineyards, located in Yecla and Jumilla, Región de Murcia's county in Spain. An area whose typical characteristics are its dry climate and its lime and stony soils.

Some years later, we decided to advance further and drive our work through the care of the environment, going through the environmental sustainability and focusing our project exclusively on the principles of organic and sustainable farming.

As a close family business, our land is not very extensive, although we cultivate it carefully and affectionately. We elaborate just little productions, selecting the best grapes in each one of our plots, which enables us to obtain a handmade and high quality product.

Handmade and exclusively organic products

Family tradition

Bodegas Odum is not the first winery in “La Alberca”, in Yecla. Three generations earlier, our grandfather had his own, where the wine was produced every year whilst the grapes were harvested, and it was drunk at home and sold in bulk. This winery disappeared as a consequence of the technological advances in the midst of the last century. So, thirty years later, and supported by him, we decided to carry on with his work, using the same traditional methods, but taking advantage of the current knowledge available.

Limited productions

What allows us to ensure the best quality in our wines is the limited quantity we produce. In this way, it is possible to control every individual process, one by one. Furthermore, we do not depend on external raw materials and so, we can always select the best for our products.

Customer satisfaction

Our final purpose is to offer a kind of wine that highlights all the attributes and properties that can be extracted from the varieties of grape we have, using no chemical or physical processes that are aggressive to the wine, preventing any side effects, such as the loss of aromas or bouquets.

Moreover, we try to do our bit for the environment and so reduce the environmental impact adapting both farming and production systems in the most organic way possible.

Our commitment with the environment

We have found in the Brutland report (published in 1987), maybe, the best definition about sustainability:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs".

So, it is right and an obligation to commit with the environment, look after it and ensure for future generations. With this commitment always in mind, we cultivate our vineyards and generate our wines.

Our purpose is to achieve an entirely organic product with the highest quality, where the used processes are carried out manually. We do this by keeping focus on the organic farming, which meet, amongst others, the next principles:

  • We work compatibly with natural cycles and living systems, through soil, plants and animals, during the whole production process.

  • Fertility and biological activity are kept and increased in the long term, using local methods that are culturally, biological and economically adapted, just the opposite of the dependence of external supplies.

  • Natural resources are used preferably in production process, avoiding pollution and a massive production of waste.

  • Every single ingredient used for the product, has an organic source.

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