1. The secret to achieve a good wine is to have the best raw materials available. Because of this, we limit the production of grapes on each grape plant and reduce the irrigation until the minimum necessary, increasing the quality of the fruit. The vigorous plants, that produce these high quality grapes, is as a result of the combination of these factors and the organic farming principles.

2. Once we have the best raw materials, we choose the best grapes form our plots, picking the grapes manually, storing the bunches in small boxes and so, they arrive at the winery unbroken.

3. Later, when the grapes have arrived at the winery, we start the second selection process, reviewing every cluster before the berries are separated in a modified machine that ease the grapes into the tanks in the best way to start the alcoholic fermentation.

4. This fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks, in a controlled environment, which enables us to lengthen the fermentation time, in order to extract every aroma and flavour that our varieties can offer. The wine remains in these tanks until it is stabilized.

5. Then, once fermentation has finished, the wine is kept in oak, to balance it.

6. Lastly, the final step is to bottle and label the product.

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