It is believed that this variety was introduced in Spain by the Phoenicians, when they arrived at the peninsula. This variety needs a Mediterranean climate for its optimal ripeness, so it is perfectly adapted to our region. The clusters are of medium size, conical and compact, with small berries of a dark and deep colour. From this variety we extract wines with high content in tannins, which are really healthy for us. It develops its maximum potencial since it is about 13 - 14 alcoholic degrees and so, we obtain intensively coloured, very expressive and fruity wines.


Where this variety originates no one knows, although it is believed that it could come from the Persian city of Shiraz, or maybe Italy or France. This variety’s requirements are high temperatures, for its maturity so, due to this, it is well adapted to this area of Spain. The clusters (are elongated, with conical shape and the berries are tiny and of dark colour. Deep coloured wines are obtained from this variety, with red fruit aromas. They are usually, intense and full-bodied wines.

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